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Partner is Currently Hendrick Approved through 08/30/2019
Contact Info Amit Chandarana

Focus Areas

New Car Sales



•    Let customers shop the way they want to shop, whether that means starting from home and completing their deal in-store, or the other way around. Omnichannel means providing the same amazing experience, at every step of the transaction, regardless of where the customer is. Our Express product portfolio makes it possible

•    All the info your agents need to take a customer from start to finish is right at their fingertips — whether that’s in the showroom, in the F&I office or via your internet / BDC teams. What goals can your team achieve with an average 3 to 6* hours saved on every sale?

•    Empower shoppers to quickly and easily see payment options, value a trade or desk their entire deal in your showroom, alongside your agents. Or, send them home to finish the deal with complete continuity.

•    Promote F&I products at each step of the sale and protect your profits. Interactive deal sheets mean you can adjust terms in real time, add backend products and accessories, and recalculate the final offer in a matter of minutes.

•    Your customers will rave about their shopping experience and the time saved in the process. Dealerships on the Express platform report an average Net Promoter Score* of 85, blowing away the industry average of 48..

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