About Dealer Inspire

Partner is Currently Hendrick Approved through 08/30/2019
Address 1864 High Grove Ln Suite 100
Naperville, Illinois
Contact Info Jeff Dare
(925) 321-1592

Focus Areas

Dealership Wide


  • Lightning Inventory Search: We accelerated inventory search from seconds to milliseconds, instantly showing shoppers relevant results with each letter typed or word spoken. Now with Voice Search, Lightning is changing the way consumers interact with websites to create the fastest, easiest car shopping experience ever,
  • Designed For Your Dealership: Showcase your unique brand with custom design and draw in users with stunning HTML5 video created by our talented drone pilots and video editors.
  • Engineered For Speed: All of our sites are designed based on extensive user behavior data, focusing on getting shoppers where they want to be as fast as possible, and then our page speed team continually optimizes for industry-best load times.
  • Loaded with CRO Integrations (and Experts): Get a website that is constantly improving its own Conversion Rate Optimization with several advanced integrations used by a team of performance analysts and UX specialists
  • Tracking True ROI with Roxanne℠: Roxanne℠, our proprietary, patent-pending event tracking technology, is the first true ROI attribution model. It tracks all the events users make on your website and then gives weighted attribution to each marketing channel and action along the customer’s buying journey, based on their impact on the sale. Roxanne℠ also uses this customer data to create automated, personalized marketing efforts based on past user behavior.
  • Personalize Your Pitch: Dynamically adapt your website’s experience to appeal to individual shoppers, based on their interests, browsing history, and shopping behavior.
  • Move Inventory with Data: Based on a VDP-View algorithm, our Platform gives you real-time insight into which vehicles on your lot are hot to sell, and which are at risk of getting stuck out there. Adjust your marketing and pricing accordingly to move more cars, faster.

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